The Quizzes

Take these quizzes to determine your adrenal and thyroid starting points!

Take the Adrenal Quiz

When you’re not feeling your best, everyday can be a struggle.

Understanding what your body needs can be a game changer.

Take the adrenal quiz and find out where you land in your results!

Take the Thyroid Quiz

Learn where you are on the thyroid scale and discover how you can reverse symptoms like fatigue, stubborn weight, thinning hair, low libido, bloating, and brain fog in 7 weeks…

…All so you can get back to doing normal things, like waking up with energy so you can take a yoga class, go to lunch with your friends, or play with your kids (or grandkids) and feel like you are 20 (or 30) again!

The Calculators

Explore our custom calculators, developed just for you!

Height to Waist Ratio

How much do you know about your height-to-waist ratio, and what does it even mean for your overall health? Let me help you learn a bit more about it, how you can calculate it, and what it all means.

Iodine Calculator

What is the right range of iodine for you?

Find out with DrC’s iodine calculator.

Protein Calculator

While it may often be the source of controversy and contradiction, I really want to help set the record straight on protein – how it works, how much you need, and what we can do to get to that point of optimal protein intake.

Thyroid Lab Analyzer

Hi and welcome to the Thyroid Lab Analyzer. I’m here to help you understand your results and sort out your best options.

Please enter the values from your most recent thyroid lab panel. This information will be the most helpful if your labs were done after any changes to your thyroid medicine, new symptoms, or other health conditions.

You will need at least your TSH and free T4 to get some basic results, but the more data you have the better.

I’ll give you an immediate answer and you can get more detailed information if you like.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

Optimal Thyroid Levels Calculator

Welcome to the Optimal Thyroid Levels Calculator. Now you can go beyond the one size fits all approaches behind ‘normal levels’ and even ‘optimal levels.’ Many factors go into which thyroid levels will be best for you. This is the first online tool that will take into account your individual needs and help you find your best thyroid levels.

The benefit of knowing your best levels is that you can have your best odds of reversing ongoing thyroid symptoms and that you can be sure that your thyroid treatment is safe.

If you are already at your best levels, you will have the clarity of knowing that any remaining symptoms may not be thyroid related.

Find your best levels now!

Thyroid Output Calculator

How much thyroid hormone does your body need?

Many factors including your size, gender, and hormone levels affect how it works.

With the Thyroid Output Calculator, you can find out immediately!

Thyroid Dose Conversion App

Our docs have been using this for a long time. Just add the potency of your current thyroid medication and it will calculate what the conversion would be for different types of thyroid medications.

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

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